My name is Alicia Cuello and I have spent over 25-years in Human Resources; I live in Denver, Colorado. Last December I found myself on assignment working next door to the San Bernardino Shooters. I returned home in shock and was later diagnosed with trauma/PTSD. Neither the organization or the benefits carriers knew how to handle an emplopyee suffering from PTSD which led a lack of support/understanding resulting in the need to take medical leave.

Join me over the next few weeks as I post video blogs in which I share my experience, and give simple tips on how to identify and support an employee in crisis while also protecting the organization before, during and after a crisis.

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About Alicia

20 years ago I had no idea other people didn’t recognize and interpret body language the way I did. It was just something I picked up on naturally.
I am a national conference speaker, facilitator, and coach, specializing in non-verbal communication. I received my Master of Science in Human Resources from the University of Houston.
My passion is helping others become influential so that they can reach their career and business goals.

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