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In the last post I talked about what a “no” looks like.  This week I want to talk about what a “no” sounds like.   Most people can usually tell when a conversation is not going well.  However, there are times when we miss the signal(s) and continue to work on a prospect even after they’ve told us “in their own way” they aren’t interested. Here are two example of what rejection can sound like:

They answer with “no”:  This one is simple enough – right?  When someone is being up front with you, they answer the question immediately or within the first few words.  For examples, “No, I’m not interested.”  Or, “You know, I’ve been thinking it over, and I don’t think so.”  Whenever someone says “no” right away, believe them.  

Dismissive:  When people are interested in what you have to say, they tend to be polite and easy with work with.  When they aren’t, they’re the opposite which can include being rude, cutting you off as you speaking and/or becoming dismissive.  

When you hear either of the above and it’s coupled with a visible “no,” it’s time to walk away.  Any attempt to try and persuade the other person to see your point of view will only make matters worse.  You have to ask yourself, is that really how you want to come across?  Why not save yourself some time and work on other more promising prospects?

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20 years ago I had no idea other people didn’t recognize and interpret body language the way I did. It was just something I picked up on naturally.
I am a national conference speaker, facilitator, and coach, specializing in non-verbal communication. I received my Master of Science in Human Resources from the University of Houston.
My passion is helping others become influential so that they can reach their career and business goals.

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