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Are you in sales?  Negotiating a contract?  Or maybe you’re a job seeker in an interview. Anyway you look at it, all of you are in the business of closing the sale.  Meaning it’s your job to show the potential buyer or employer you, your product or your terms are the best fit for their problem.  But sometimes, it’s tough to figure out how you’re doing.

The next time you find yourself in the middle of one of these scenarios, look for these signs and give a sigh of relief – you’re being well received!

  1. Mirroring:  Ever watch two people deep in conversation?  And as you start to observe them, you notice they have a number of similarities, like they’re sitting the same way or their hands are clasped alike?  What you’re seeing is called ‘mirroring.”  When two people mirror or “mimic” each other it shows they’re in sync. When people are in sync, its means they’re in agreement on something.  During a conversation, it signals the other person likes and/or is open what you’re saying. 
  2. Pupil Dilation:  When we’re interested in something, or someone, our pupils dilate.  When we don’t like someone or a situation, our pupils naturally constrict.  Keep in mind, depending on eye color, seeing this signal could be a little bit of a challenge to observe.   However, focusing on the eyes is a great way for you gauge how a conversation and/or negotiation is going. Why?  Because, try as we might, we have no control over pupil dilation.
  3. Stillness:  Have you ever notice when you’re “zeroing in” and have 100% concentration, you tend to stop moving?  Stillness is a sign the other person is focused on you. Stillness coupled with tips 1-2 are a good sign.  Which means, whatever your doing is working and you’ve got their attention.

The art of a sale can be tricky.  But with a little practice you’ll learn to recognize when a situation is going well; not so well; and when you’ve probably lost the deal.  Over the next few weeks I’ll show you how to determine which scenario is happening – both verbally and visually.  Then its up to you to decide how you want to proceed.

About Alicia

20 years ago I had no idea other people didn’t recognize and interpret body language the way I did. It was just something I picked up on naturally.
I am a national conference speaker, facilitator, and coach, specializing in non-verbal communication. I received my Master of Science in Human Resources from the University of Houston.
My passion is helping others become influential so that they can reach their career and business goals.

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