Ever have a tough time figuring out how the conversation is going?  You’re not alone.  Most people struggle to recognize and/or understand the signals they’re giving off as they talk to each other.  These “signals” are also known as non-verbal communication and include both visual and verbal cues.  In today’s blog, I’m going to build on last week’s entry in which I wrote about what positive non-verbals look like by giving examples of what they sound like.  On a personal note, I also think these are the easiest signals to spot in a conversation and are also a great way for me to segway into the sometimes more challenging body language signals know as “maybe(s) and no(s).”
As I’ve mentioned before, the key to understanding body language is to gather a combination of signals (both verbal and visual) and ask follow up questions.  This way you have a clear understanding of what’s happening in any situation.  Here a  few verbal examples you can listen for:  

  1. Curious/Encourages you to speak:  This one seems like a no-brainer.  When someone is interested in what you have to say, they ask questions. 
  2. Verbal agreement:  These are pretty easy to spot and include words such as, “Uh huh, go on, yes” and “I agree.” 
  3. Answers “Yes” quickly:  When a person is being up front with you, they answer your question right away.  When they’re not, they stall.  For example, if you ask a perspective client, “Do I have your business?” and they immediately answer, “Yes,” they mean “yes.”  However, when they bury their “yes answer” in a long explanation and/or don’t give you a “yes” until the end of their story, it’s not a “yes.”  At that point you need to dig a little deeper into whatever it is you were talking about.  Why?  Because when someone has nothing to hide, they answer the question immediately….and sometimes that can mean they’re going to answer immediately with a “no.”

By combining this information with last week’s blog entitled, “What Signs of Interest Look Like During a Negotiation,” it should be pretty easy for you to spot the indicators that the other person likes what you’re saying.  Next week, I’ll write about what a “maybe” looks like.

About Alicia

20 years ago I had no idea other people didn’t recognize and interpret body language the way I did. It was just something I picked up on naturally.
I am a national conference speaker, facilitator, and coach, specializing in non-verbal communication. I received my Master of Science in Human Resources from the University of Houston.
My passion is helping others become influential so that they can reach their career and business goals.

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